Our success comes from our ability to follow instant trends and latch on to the virality, hence our name Viral Styles. 

We do this via a community of designers and shoppers and based purely on the measure of virality we upload new designs almost every day. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of information collected this process is automated and then submitted by a third party, which means we don't always get to vet each design individually. 

On rare occasions, this can lead to copyright complications. However, we as a company do not support any form of copyright or trademark breach, so we've made the process of clearing that up as simple as possible. 

If you think we're breaching any of your copyrights or trademarks in any way, please use the green contact us button in the bottom right corner of any page and use the subject "DMCA". We guarantee a response within 24 hours, which will almost always result in any offending products removed from sale ASAP. 

We thank you for your understanding in this matter, 

-The Viral Styles Team

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